LaproSurge manufactures and supplies hospitals worldwide with high quality single-use devices for laparoscopic applications.

LaproSurge manufactures and supplies hospitals worldwide with high quality single-use devices for laparoscopic applications. The portfolio includes tissue retrieval systems, trocar and cannula sets, smoke filters, scissors, insufflation needles and many laparoscopic accessories.

Founded in London in 1998, LaproSurge supports partners and distributors in the UK and across Europe. Devices are manufactured from a close collaboration between leading surgeons and specialists, ensuring clinical approval and excellence.

LaproSurge aims to continually identify, provide and maintain in an efficient manner high quality innovative laparoscopic devices for the medical community. It has a single-minded commitment to delivering the highest quality medical devices at a reasonable price and providing a fair and transparent pricing policy to our customers and partners

Port Access

LaproSurge offers a comprehensive range of high quality and cost effective ports for laparoscopic surgery, in a range of diameters from 3mm up to 15mm. The cannulas and trocars are available in a range of lengths, cannula threads and trocar tip options to suit all user preferences.

NEW Balloon Cannulas available in 5mm and 12mm, with two trocar tip options:

  • Blunt Tip
  • Bladeless Optical Tip

Laparoscopic Instruments

High quality laparoscopic instruments available in an extensive range of single action and double action jaw options. All instruments provide a high level of tactile feedback for increased control and have a standard monopolar connection.

3mm Graspers and Dissectors also available.

Specimen Retrieval Bags

The Endo Pouch automatic retrieval bags are available in four sizes to cover specimen retrieval across a wide range of laparoscopic procedures; from the Mini bag deployed through a 5mm port up to the Extra Large bag deployed through a 15mm port. The Endo Pouch is available in detachable and non-detachable options and also available with memory wire depending on user preference and application.

The full range is manufactured from polyurethane for a durable and tear-resistance high quality specimen retrieval bag.

  • One-piece manufactured with heat sealed seams, avoiding any serrations and weak points.
  • User-friendly deployment device for quick and simple specimen retrieval.
  • Opens automatically in the abdominal cavity and is held open by rigid wire arms during tissue capture.

Insufflation Needles

The LaproSurge insufflation needles are used to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to laparoscopic surgery through a 14-gauge stainless steel needle. When pressure is applied, the needle is exposed to enter through the abdominal wall; the blunt tip automatically springs forward to cover the needle once the peritoneum is penetrated.

Suction Irrigation and Aspiration Needle

The LaproSurge Suction Irrigation range provides surgeons with multiple options to suit all needs for a range of laparoscopic procedures.

  • Ergonomic traditional trumpet-grip handle to provide comfort for all hand sizes.
  • Suction and irrigation flows are controlled by fingertip trumpet valve, which are colour coded for easy identification.
  • Controls are lubricated to reduce friction and ensure smooth and precise function control.
  • Wide internal channels to provide a high capacity, streamlined flow throughout the entire system and prevent blockages from blood clots or stones.
  • Highly-durable tubing is manufactured from a non-kink material with easy peel separation.

3mm Laparoscopy

The 3mm product range from LaproSurge enables surgeons to perform less invasive surgery without a compromise on strength or rigidity of instruments.

3mm laparoscopy provides many undeniable clinical and cosmetic advantages without requiring the surgeon to alter operating technique.

Accessing the abdominal cavity through 3mm ports has both the cosmetic benefit of reduced skin scarring and the clinical benefits of a reduced level of tissue damage, port-site herniation and wound infection, faster recovery and a reduction in pain scores.

The high quality 3mm instruments from LaproSurge enable surgeons to achieve the ergonomics of conventional laparoscopic triangulation with the numerous additional advantages of reduced incision-size.

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