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Babcock Healthcare was founded in 2009 by a core of senior healthcare executives. Babcock Healthcare functions as a medical device and consulting company providing services to the South African, African and Middle Eastern Healthcare markets.
A core team of colleagues with experience in both multinational and local companies have joined Babcock Healthcare and have all invested personally in the company.

Babcock Healthcare has partnered with key players in the healthcare segment to drive a holistic approach that cuts across a diversity of markets and oppertunities.  The synergistic relationship leads to amalgamated recourses and tenure and enables a national and international  footprint enabling the highest quality people ,product and service levels.

Babcock Healthcare has sourced innovative and unique medical and surgical devices worldwide in order to add value to the healthcare environment this includes a local assembly system for certain products. Babcock Healthcare believes in forging strong partnerships with device manufacturers leading to mutual beneficial relationships that should add value to both the patient and the end user.

The key to Babcock Healthcare’s success is relationships with the end users and a key understanding of the customers needs. These relationships with key opinion leaders have been established and strengthened over a period of time through knowledge and service and dedication to this industry. Clinical knowledge and service in the hospital and specifically the theatre environment through investment in training and education programs remains key to the success and growth of the company.

A strong customer service department in conjunction with a key accounts team is central to maintaining high levels of customer service and satisfaction. Optimum stock and warehouse management is supported by state of the art systems. Efficient and accurate distribution ensures that lead times are kept to a minimum. Our footprint in both South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa is structured to deliver world class products to most locations with very short turn around times.

The vision of Babcock Healthcare is to be a world class African healthcare company by partnering with leading technology driven companies in order to add value both to patient care and healthcare professionals.

Babcock Healthcare takes great pride in the relationships with key players within the healthcare market gained through a proven track record and business ethos. By establishing strategic partnerships with leading medical and surgical device manufacturers worldwide, Babcock Healthcare aims to promote access to the latest technology in healthcare in the broader South African and African communities.

Specialised export and consultancy divisions provide greater platforms for access into the African Healthcare market

Babcock Healthcare aims to provide solutions to medical healthcare professionals through expertise within the South African and International healthcare markets building on the following pillars of excellence: trust, honesty, integrity and a hard-working culture.

Quality patient care is assured through state of the art products and personal service.

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