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The World Leader in medical compression garments.

Sigvaris celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2014. The Swiss company can look back at a successful track record as it moves continuously towards the future, in keeping with its motto “Every day a step further.

The needs of people with venous disorders are very different and their requirements change over time and with varying life styles or conditions. SIGVARIS designs a range of medical compression therapy solutions in response to those different needs.

The product portfolio was expanded in 2009 when the SPORTS and WELL BEING lines were added to the main MEDICAL line. SPORTS products improve athlete performance and recovery time, while WELL BEING stockings have a preventive function and relieve the early symptoms of leg conditions.

Running Socks

The SIGVARIS RUNNING SOCKS – the best thing that can happen to your running. A combination of top-class fibres for increased performance! Compression and protection rolled into one – ideally adapted to the various areas and tissues of the leg. Outstanding wearing comfort thanks to optimal thermal regulation. What is more: Odour control. A well-rounded concept for many rounds on the running track or in the forest.

The SIGVARIS RUNNING SOCKS provide noticeable support during sporting activities – improved muscle performance, higher endurance and lower muscle vibration.


  • Improved muscle performance
  • Increased endurance
  • Less muscle vibration
  • Travel friendly; ideal as a travel stocking

Made for endurance and team sports: Running, Trail running, Walking, Fitness, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, etc

Recovery Socks

Controlled, degressive compression pattern for an improved regeneration after sports. The special fibre TENCEL C, which features oceanic micro-particles, opens up a new dimension in skin-care. When in touch directly with the skin, the fibre provides a cell-renewing effect. It also acts as a moisturizer and skin protector and keeps the skin elastic.


  • Less muscle pain
  • Reduced post exercise muscle swelling
  • Faster removal of metabolites (e. g. CK, lactates, etc.)
  • Stimulates skin cell renewal and protects skin from moisture loss
  • Ideal for travelling

Made for… Recovery (all sports) / Business / Travel

Compression Sleeves and Socks

Global novelty: The first and only sleeve with a degressive pressure profile for all-round usage in water and on land. The saltwater and chlorinated water resistant sleeve will entice you with its extremely thin material and high wearing comfort.
Thanks to their diverse comfort elements, such as a blister-proof design, the compression socks (ankle socks) ensure perfect performance and when used frequently can be changed often and washed separately.


  • Improved muscle performance
  • Increased endurance
  • Less muscle vibration

Made for… Triathlon, Running, Trail running, Swimming

Compression Shorts

What you can’t imagine doing without for your lower leg in sporting activities is even more important for the thigh, the largest muscle of the motion system. The PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION SHORTS in combination with the COMPRESSION SOCKS & SLEEVES ensure the consistent continuation of controlled compression on the leg. Along with optimised blood circulation, the benefits include the proprioceptive effects and the protection of the muscles from microfibre tears.

The shorts made from skin-friendly and thermoregulating yarns will win you over with the special men’s and women’s cuts, which consider the needs of their different anatomies and uncompromisingly emphasise the benefits. The PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION SHORTS ensure improved muscle performance, higher endurance and lower muscle vibration.


  • Improved muscle performance, performance increase due to synchronised muscle oscillation
  • Higher endurance, less muscle fatigue
  • Lower muscle vibration, higher muscle stability
  • Faster and greater reoxygenation, less power deflection, fewer injuries

Made for… Performance Sports: Running, Trail running, Soccer, Skiing, etc.

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